Current Officers

WFIWC Executive Committee

updated: July 2019

Chair: S. Sky Stephens

Secretary: Jason Moan

Treasurer: Karen Ripley
Councilor (2017-2020): Caroline Whitehouse
Councilor (2018-2021): Marnie Duthie-Holt
Councilor (2019-2022) Don Grosman

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Committee Chairs and Members


Common Names


Co-Chair: Brytten Steed - brytten.steed{at}

Co-Chair: Bill Ciesla - WCiesla{at}
Members: Beverly Bulaon, Amy Gannon, Rich Hofstetter, Lee Humble, Lee Pederson, Iral Ragenovich


Founder's Award


Chair: Joel McMillin - joel.mcmillin{at}

Members: Steve Seybold, Bill Riel, Lorraine MacLauchlan, Jackson Audley, Steve Cook



History Committee


Co-Chair: Malcolm Furniss - MalFurniss{at}

Co-Chair: Sandy Kegley - sandrakegley{at}

Members: Glenn Kohler and Carl Jorgensen



Memorial Scholarship Selection


Chair: Darrell Ross - darrell.ross{at}

Members: Sandy Kegley, Tom Coleman, Steve Seybold



Memorial Scholarship Fundraising


Chair: Monica Gaylord - monica.gaylord{at}

Members: Dan Miller, Andrea Hefty, Sky Stephens





Acting Chair: Sky Stephens stephanie.s.stephens{at}

Members: Tim Ebata, Jason Moan, Joel Egan