WFIWC Founder's Award


The Founder's Award is given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to forest entomology in the West. The award recognizes significant contributions in pest management, extension-consultation, research, and teaching. See a list of previous Founder's Award recipients and view their Founder's Award addresses. Many thanks are due to Ken Gibson and Mal Furniss for providing information about several Founders Award recipients.

Guidelines for this award were established at the 1991 work conference. The award will be to only one qualified nominee each year, but the award may not necessarily be given every year. The nomination(s) of the nominee(s) will remain eligible for consideration for 3 years after submission. In this way, if several qualified individuals are nominated in any given year, the nominee(s) not selected in that particular year will remain eligible for 2 subsequent years. Previously submitted nominations may be updated in subsequent years.

Eligibility of Nominators

Nominations for the Founders Award will be accepted from any individual, including, members of the WFIWC Executive Committee or the Award Committee. Founder’s Award committee members will recuse themselves from voting on nomination packages that they have prepared.

Eligibility of Nominees

The nominee should have an outstanding record of service to western forest entomology. Members of the WFIWC Award Committee are not eligible for nomination.

Nomination Procedures

Preparation: Preparation of an outstanding nomination for a distinguished colleague is a compliment to both the nominee and the nominator, and it enhances the nominee's chances for selection as the recipient. The nomination format outlines information to be provided by the nominator. The assistance of the nominee in supplying information is encouraged to improve the accuracy and completeness of the documentation. Precise identification and evaluation of the nominee's contributions are the most important part of the nomination because the nominees will be ranked primarily on that basis. Nominators should include a brief statement indicating major areas of activity represented in the nominee's position and percent of time spent for each (i.e., research, teaching, extension, and/or administration).

Supporting Letters: Supporting letters should be included, but no more than three supporting letters will be accepted. Each supporting letter should not exceed one single-spaced page. The letters should be solicited by, and addressed to, the nominator. The letters will accompany the nomination when submitted by the nominator.

Contribution Highlights: Identify the primary contributions on which the nomination is based. Explain why the nominee is especially well qualified to receive the award.

Submission: Organize the nomination as shown in the nomination format. Submissions are limited to 4 single-spaced pages for the nomination, plus up to 3 one-page letters of support. Nominations may be submitted either electronically via email, or in hard copy form.

For an electronic submission, save the nomination package (up to 7 pages) as a single file in either pdf or Microsoft word format. Label the file with the name of the person being nominated and the year (e.g., EdHolsten2010-Founders.pdf). Email the file to:

If submitted as a hard copy, assemble 5 complete copies of the nomination, with each copy stapled in the upper left corner, and mail the 5 copies to:

Joel McMillin, Founder's Award Committee Chair
USDA Forest Service, 
Forest Health Protection
1249 S. Vinnell Way, Suite 200
Boise, ID 83709

Deadline Date: The nomination documents must be mailed no later than January 31st for consideration at the next work conference. Strict adherence to this deadline will be observed in order to allow sufficient time for the selection process, art work, and plaque production.