Founders Award Recipients

1991 -- Mark D. McGregor  (obituary)
1992 -- David L. Wood  (address)
1993 -- Ronald W. Stark  (brief biography)  (address)  (obituary)
1994 -- Gene D. Amman  (brief biography)  (address)
1996 -- Roy F. Shepherd  (brief biography)  (address)
1998 -- Malcolm M. Furniss  (brief biography)  (address)
1999 -- William G. Ives  (brief biography)
2000 -- John H. Borden  (brief biography)  (address)
2001 -- Les Safranyik  (brief biography)  (address)
2002 -- John M. Schmid  (brief biography)  (address)
2003 -- Donald L. Dahlsten  (obituary)  (tribute)
2004 -- Gary E. Daterman  (address)  (obituary)
2005 -- William M. Ciesla  (address)
2006 -- Patrick J. Shea  (address)
2007 -- Boyd E. Wickman  (address)
2008 -- R. Ladd Livingston  (address)
2009 -- Jesse A. Logan  (address)
2010 -- Skeeter Werner  (address)  (slide show - 20MB) and 
             Ed Holsten  (address)  (slide show -7 MB)
             video of both speeches
2012 -- Ken Gibson (video)
2013 -- Michael R. Wagner (address)
2014 -- Terry Shore (address, given by Bill Riel)

2015 -- Nancy Gillette



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View the 2002 A.D. Hopkins Award Address by
John C. Moser

The SFIWC Hopkins Award is equivalent to the WFIWC Founders Award. It is included on this website because John has been a frequent participant in WFIWC meetings and because his work has involved mite associates of western Scolytidae.

To contribute additional biographical information, photos, etc. please contact thewebmaster. Thanks are due to Ken Gibson for pulling together the initial biographical information, and to Mal Furniss for contributing additional material.