Memorial Scholarship

2017 Recipient - Erika Eidson - MSc, Utah State University - Now: Forest Health Specialist, Idaho Department of Lands.

Erika will present at the 2018 meeting in Denver. 

Abstract: Despite climate-driven increases in mountain pine beetle pressure at high elevations, successful mountain pine beetle attacks on Great Basin bristlecone pine, an extremely long-lived high-elevation pine species, have not been documented. My research focused on investigating Great Basin bristlecone pine resistance to mountain pine beetle. I tested mountain pine beetle host selection preference and reproductive performance in Great Basin bristlecone pine relative to limber pine, a well-documented susceptible host species. Mountain pine beetles avoided Great Basin bristlecone pine relative to limber pine, and nearly all mountain pine beetle brood died prior to completing development in Great Basin bristlecone pine. These findings suggest that Great Basin bristlecone pine is highly resistant to mountain pine beetle, and provide an interesting framework for studying the evolutionary history of these species.

Honorees, Donors, and Past Recipients


About the Memorial Scholarship.

In April 1990, Mark Duane McGregor died while conducting forest entomology research in Idaho. He had made many contributions to the field of Forest Entomology particularly in areas of bark beetle management. To memorialize Dr. McGregor, PheroTech Inc (the company for which he worked at the time of his death) and the McGregor family coordinated the establishment of a memorial scholarship fund in Mark McGregor's name.


Acting on that example, colleagues and families of deceased members have donated and raised money in memory of their deceased friends and loved-ones, seeking to memorialize productive lives by contributing to the scholarship of future Forest Entomologists. View the names of honored colleagues and major donors to the Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Western Forest Insect Work Conference has non-profit status and accepts tax-deductible donations for this purpose. Donations may be sent to the WFIWC Treasurer.


In 2000, principal in the scholarship funds had grown to a level that interest generated annually is sufficient to award a scholarship to a worthy student of Forest Entomology. The first award was made in 2001 (view a list of recipients).


View criteria and information necessary for students interested in applying for the next Western Forest Insect Work Conference (WFIWC) scholarship. The application form should be filled out when applying for the scholarship along with all other required information. The deadline for submitting applications for a given year is February 15; for example, the deadline for the 2009 award was February 15, 2009.


Memorial Plaque designed by entomologist John Schmid features the names of deceased honored WFIWC members who have been honored by donations of at least $50, significant donors who have contributed more than $1500 to the fund, and scholarship recipients. The plaque is displayed at annual meetings and resides at the headquarters of PheroTech Inc, Delta, British Columbia, Canada.