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Memorial Scholarship Honorees: Significant Donors, and Scholarship Recipients

In 1990, a scholarship fund was established to memorialize Mark McGregor. Other contributions have since honored additional colleagues. Interest generated from the scholarship funds are used for scholarships for graduate students in the field of forest entomology. View additional information about the Memorial Scholarship Fund, criteria and process for awarding scholarships, or the application form.

Honored Colleagues

Donations to the Memorial Fund have been made to honor the following people:

Gene Amman 1931-2012
Dave Bridgwater 1943-2013
Walter F. Cole 1928-1996
Sheryl L. Costello 1977-2011
Donald L. Dahlsten 1933-2003
Gary E. Daterman 1939-2009
Charles B. Eaton 1913-1964
Kenneth Graham 1911-2004
Ralph C. Hall 1899-1996
William H. Klein 1928-2006
Richard Mason 1930-2011
William F. McCambridge 1923-2007
Mark D. McGregor       1936-1990
Richard F. Schmitz 1934-1998
David E. Schultz 1946-2007
Terence L. Shore 1951-2010
Ronald W. Stark 1922-2002
Tom T. Terrel 1904-1985
Galen C. Trostle 1923-1993
Julie C. Weatherby 1948-1999
Kenneth H. Wright 1921-2002


Major Donors

Those who have contributed at least $1500 to the Memorial Fund:

Sheryl Costello Family and Friends
PheroTech Inc.
Galen Trostle Family
Ralph Hall Family
John Schmid
Terry Shore Colleagues


Scholarship Recipients

2001 Deepa Pureswaran, Simon Fraser University
2002 Kevin J. Dodds, Oregon State University
2003 Brian H. Aukema, University of Wisconsin
2004 Katherine Bleiker, University of Montana
2005 Andrew Graves, University of Minnesota
2006 Kjerstin Skov, University of Montana
2007 Monica Gaylord, Northern Arizona University
2008 Greg Smith, University of Northern British Columbia
2009 David Jack, University of British Columbia
2010 Daniel Ott, University of Northern British Columbia
2011 Christopher O'Connor, University of Arizona
2012 Ryan Bracewell, University of Montana
2013 Stacy Hishinuma, University of California, Davis
2014 Jordan Burke, University of British Columbia
2015 Jennifer Klutsch, University of Alberta
2016 Andrea Hefty, University of Minnesota
2017 Erika Eidson, Utah State University
2018 Sam Ward, University of Minnesota
2019 Jackson Audley, UC Davis
2020 Michael Howe, University of Wisconsin - Madison


View Memorial Scholarship information.