Founders' Award: Nomination Format

Title: Entitle the document, "Nomination of _______________ for the Founders' Award."

Nominee: Include the nominee's name, mailing address, and telephone number.

Documentation of Nominee:

1. Professional positions held   Give years, organization, locations, and principal duties for each position.

Qualifications of Nominees:

1. Service and extension contributions

a. Training sessions. 
b. Development of training aids. 
c. Technical assistance. 
d. Technology implementation.

2. Professional publications and invitational presentations   List literature citations for all or the most important publications. Do NOT send reprints.

a. Non-technical papers. This may include books, pamphlets. bulletins, or magazine and newspaper articles.
b. Technical papers. 
c. Book chapters. 
d. Books written. 
e. Books edited. 
f. Other publications edited. 
g. Invited lectures, seminars, and symposia presentations. 
h. Papers offered and presented at professional societies or trade organizations.

3. Administrative contributions

a. Obtaining financial support. 
b. Administration of research projects or pest management staffs making significant contributions. 
c. Administration of major insect suppression projects. 
d. Contributions to policy which affect western forest entomology.

4. Teaching contributions

a. List courses taught, and when they are offered. 
b. An evaluation of teaching effectiveness and teaching contributions (summaries of student and/or administrative evaluations). 
c. Graduate students trained, names, and degree received. 
d. Number of current graduate students.

5. Grants in research, teaching, or extension   Titles only.

6. Honors and awards

7. Contributions to professional organizations.