Coeur d'Alene, ID
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Friday, October 27, 2017 - 08
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Lauren Terry
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Idaho Department of Lands – Gypsy Moth Data Coordinator
Under the direction of the Idaho State Board of Land Commissioners, IDL manages more than 2.4 million acres of state endowment trust land under a constitutional mandate to produce maximum long-term financial returns for public schools and several other State of Idaho institutions.  We also protect public resources such as water quality, fish, wildlife habitat, and recreation on public trust lands, and ensure the protection of water quality and other resources by overseeing forestry and mining practices across all ownerships in the state. One of our most important resource protection responsibilities is fire prevention and suppression. IDL also is the administrative arm of the Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.
Gypsy Moth Data Coordinator
Typical duties of this position include coordinating all aspects of the gypsy moth monitoring program in Idaho. Weather data is collected monthly from weather stations statewide and is formatted and inputted into a phenology model to keep track of gypsy moth development. Insect development is important to gauge when monitoring traps are placed and collected. Monthly data of new residents that have moved to Idaho from gypsy moth-infested states is received and georeferenced to determine where more trapping efforts are directed. The incumbent updates an Access database of trap sites and generates a list of sites to be trapped, which differs by year according to move-in data and monetary resources. Placement and collection of traps is accomplished using tablet computers and ArcPad software. During the field season, the incumbent supervises and evaluates at least one temporary employee. The incumbent also assists IDL Forest Health personnel with training, technical assists and surveys. In the late winter the Data Coordinator organizes and manages a Technical Advisory meeting with cooperating agencies in Boise.
Minimum qualifications:

  • Some knowledge of geographic information system (GIS) principles and data models.
  • Good knowledge of:  cartographic processes; gypsy moth biology, ecology, life cycle, behavior, hosts, and survey, control and eradication techniques.
  • Experience in land survey procedures, parcel mapping, land information systems and recording based on the public land survey system.
  • Some knowledge of supervisory practices.
  • Experience using database management systems and other software; independently evaluating and defining data management needs, and recommending and implementing new solutions; and compiling and analyzing data and drawing conclusions.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience conducting forest health surveys, including aerial detection, insect or wildlife surveys.
  • Two (2) year degree in entomology, forestry or related natural resources field, B