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USDA Forest Service Publications and Resources

Forest Health Highlights

The annual Highlights describe the status of important disturbance agents and the techniques that are being used to monitor them (including aerial and ground-based efforts). These reports are widely shared with professional foresters, forestry educators, forest landowners, and policy makers.  Please see the links below for reports from the western Regions

Region 5 (link)

Region 6 (link)

Region 10 (pdf)

Alaska Full 2016 Conditions Report (pdf)

Please email Karen Ripley ( for more information


Forest Health Monitoring: National Status, Trends, and Analysis 2015

This resource has national level compilations that include insect and disease impacts, the effects of drought and weather, results from completed Evaluation Monitoring Projects, and a special chapter on Forest Fragmentation.

Full Resolution PDF via (66 MB)



USFS FHP R6 Gray Literature Initiative

Drawing on the vision of a large group of federal and state forest entomologists in the western U.S., R6 FHP began taking steps in 2010 to preserve thousands of historical FHP documents.  These documents (mostly gray literature) tell an important story and it’s the project’s goal to bring these unique historical items together in one easily accessible online collection.  Having access to such a collection will enable us to see and better understand the history of our forests’ health challenges and triumphs.  Now more than ever, digital preservation is needed to keep this knowledge alive and available to inform those working to keep our forests healthy and safe for future generations.

To date, Lisa Stringfield, the FHP Westside Service Center librarian stationed at the Mt. Hood NF HQ, has cataloged and inventoried nearly 4,000 items including field reports, memos, letters, maps, and journal articles.  And, now that the NFS Library has a new online repository called CONTENTdm, initial reposits of the FHP collection will available for viewing, downloading and text searching by the end of 2016, with the bulk of the current collection reposits planned in the coming year.

So, if you have similar documents that are rare, one of a kind and of historical importance to FHP and are not sure what to do with them, please contact Lisa Stringfield ( regarding digital preservation of these items to make them available to future generations.