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WFIWC First Meeting

Western Forest Insect Conference

Minutes of Initial Meeting1

Portland, Oregon
December 7, 1949

A steering committee made up of Mr. Hector A. Richmond, Victoria, B, C (chairman), Mr. F, P. Keen, Berkeley, California (for Mr. Robert L. Furniss, Portland, Oregon), and Mr. James C. Evenden, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. in the committee room, office of the Pacific Northwest Region, U. S. Forest Service, Post Office Building. The following persons were present:

J. W. BONGBERG, Entomologist 
USDA Forest Insect Laboratory
29 Forestry Bldg., U. Calif.
Berkeley 4, California
D.E. PARKER, Assistant Division Leader
USDA Division of Forest Insect Investigations
Beltsville, Maryland


Scientific Aid USDA
Forest Insect Laboratory
445 U.S. Court House 
Portland 5, Oregon
W.L. POPHAM, Assistant Chief 
USDA. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Washington, D. C.


WILLIAM K. COULTER Entomologist 
USDA Forest Insect Laboratory 
445 U.S Court House
Portland 5, Oregon
HECTOR A. RICHMOND, Officer In Charge
Dominion Entomological Laboratory
311 Post Office Bldg.
Victoria, B. C. Canada


JAMES C. EVENDEN Entomologist In Charge
USDA. Forest Insect Laboratory
Box 630 Federal Bldg.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
GEORGE R. STRUBLE Entomologist
USDA Forest Insect Laboratory 
29 Forestry Bldg., U. Calif. 
Berkeley 4, California


RALPH C. HALL, Entomologist
USDA. Forest Insect Laboratory
29 Forestry Bldg., U. Calif.
Berkeley 4, California
J. F. WEAR, Airplane Pilot
USDA Forest Insect Laboratory
445 U. S. Court House
Portland 5, Oregon


A.J. JAENICKE, Forester
US Forest Service
Box 24137
Portland, Oregon
J. M. WHITESIDE, Entomologist
USDA. Forest Insect Laboratory
445 U. S. Court House
Portland 5, Oregon


PHILIP C. JOHNSON, Entomologist 
USDA Forest Insect Laboratory
Box 630, Federal Bldg.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
USDA. Forest Insect Laboratory
223 Forestry Bldg., Colo. A&M College
Fort Collins, Colorado


F.P. KEEN, Entomologist in Charge
USDA Forest Insect Laboratory 
29 Forestry Bldg. U. of Calif.
Berkeley 4, California
JOHN D. WOODS, Jr., Assist. State Forester
State Forester's Office
Salem, Oregon


Oregon State Board of Forestry
1601 W. 3rd. Street
Bend, Oregon
N.D. WYGANT, Entomologist in Charge
USDA Forest Insect Laboratory
223 Forestry Bldg.
Colo. A&M College
Fort Collins, Colorado


L.W. ORR, Entomologist in Charge
USDA Forest Insect Laboratory
Box 731, Post Office Bldg
Ogden, Utah


Dr. Keen and Mr. Jaenicke were asked to serve as temporary chairman and secretary, respectively.

The proposed Constitution prepared by the steering committee was read and, after several minor revisions, it was approved as herewith attached.

Some discussion followed as to the form the Conference might assume under the limitations of the Constitution. It was generally agreed that more benefits to the members might accrue from an informal type of organization. It was suggested that the meetings, and specifically the annual meetings, be held in the form of work [emphasis added by MMF] conferences.

The following officers were elected for the coming year:

Chairman: Mr. Hector A. Richmond, Victoria, B.C.
Secretary-Treasurer: Mr. Philip C. Johnson, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Executive Committee Members:
     1 Year: Mr. A. J. Jaenicke, Portland, Oregon
     2 Years: Mr. George Hopping, Calgary, Alberta
     3 Years: Mr. L. W. Orr, Ogden, Utah

Mr. Richmond asked for opinions on the location of the 1950 annual meeting of the Conference. Dr. Wygant suggested Denver, Colorado, inasmuch as the meeting then could be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Association of Economic Entomologists.

Approval was given to Mr. Richmond's suggestion that an effort be made by the officers to contact all western Canadian and American forest entomologists and those interested in the technical aspects of forest entomology to acquaint them with the Conference and to extend an invitation to join.

Following those matters of business a roundtable discussion was held on the spruce budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana (Clem.) problem in the western provinces and states of Canada and the United States respectively. The budworm infestations now present in many Douglas fir forests have been unusually severe and widespread during the past few years and extensive aerial spraying is planned in 1950 for its control in parts of Oregon, Washington, and Montana.

The whole-hearted discussion by those working on some phase of the problem brought out many extremely pertinent facts pertaining to (1) variations in the budworm life history, (2) habits of the overwintering initial instar caterpillars, (3) population density determination, (4) the mode of buildup and spread of outbreaks, (5) budworm survey procedures, (6) applied control methods, and (7) the effects of parasites and wilt disease.

Dr. Wygant then gave a brief and interesting account of the spruce bark beetle (Dendroctonus engelmanni Hopk.) epidemic that has flourished in Colorado since 1939. The beetle has thus far killed 5 billion board feet of Engelmann spruce and now threatens the killing of an additional 6 billion feet unless the infestation is curbed. The control program now contemplated plans to treat 700,000 trees on some 35,000 acres by means of bark penetrating oil insecticides. Interesting facts concerning the life history and habits of the beetle, the epidemiology of the current outbreak, and the development of control methods were discussed by Dr. Wygant.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 p.m.

/s/ Philip C, Johnson

1 This brief resume of the meeting is based upon notes made by Mr. A. J. Jaenicke.
Additional note: This material was scanned and converted to Word by Malcolm M. Furniss.