Historical Photos and Vignettes

By circumstances related to my employment, I have acquired much historical information on North American forest entomology throughout its first century. During 2007-2009, I wrote numerous illustrated anecdotal accounts derived from this material and my personal recollections, which were posted on the History/Photos link to the WFIWC web site with help from Kathy Sheehan, then Web Master. They are grouped by 10 categories below (Personnel etc.) and begin with the most recent posting within each category. A link containing a related Bibliography (Historical Articles by M.M. Furniss and B.E. Wickman) was also created.

AI enjoyed digging into the stories and sharing my own experiences that began at mid-century when I was hired by Paul Keen at Berkeley.

Use of posted material is encouraged. Please credit their source as follows: “Western Forest Insect Work Conference archives.” For commercial purposes, contact the current WFIWC Chairperson; a modest fee may be requested to benefit the WFIWC Scholarship Fund.

Malcolm Furniss
History Committee Co-Chairman
March 2019

Julie Johnson has also compiled an online photo collection of historic photos from the FHP collection, documenting a wide range of subjects

R6 Flickr Album link

If you have any questions, or would like to see about submitting material to Julie, please email her (jljohnson02@fs.fed.us)


Vignettes from the Past


My long-time counterpart on the WFIWC history committee, Boyd Wickman, and I have a similar professional history that goes back to mid-1900s. We both started out at the Berkeley Forest Insect Lab when Paul Keen (1890-1980) and John Miller (1882-1952) were still there. Miller, a graduate of Stanford, was hired by Andrew D. Hopkins (who started it all) in 1911. Keen, a University of California graduate, came on board in 1915. Boyd and I also happen to share an interest in preserving what now can only be described as vignettes of earlier days. Some are our own recollections and material that we retained; other items have come by various circumstances including original photos, correspondence and reports deposited in the WFIWC archives. I also inherited material possessed by my brother, Robert L. Furniss, a person of historical prominence. Typically, these stories do not fit other outlets and are longer than the format that I adopted for the Photos/History link. They begin with the recollections of William F. (Bill) McCambridge who was the first forest entomologist stationed in Alaska. He provided it at my request prior to his passing in 2007.


Malcolm Furniss
History Committee Co-Chairman
December 2014


Bill McCambridge -- First Forest Entomologist Stationed in Alaska

H.E. Burke -- The Greatest Need in Western Forest Entomology (1925 - bark beetle attractants & repellants)

Early Use of the Airplane for Surveying Insect Damage