Historical Photos

Julie Johnson recently published a book on the history of Forest Health Protection and the aerial survey program.  A high resolution pdf is available below from archive.org

The Survey: Aerial Forest Insect and Disease Detection Surveys in Oregon and Washington 1947-2016 (link, 266 MB)


Julie has also compiled an online photo collection of historic photos from the FHP collection, documenting a wide range of subjects

R6 Flickr Album link


If you have any questions, or would like to see about submitting material to Julie, please email her (jljohnson02@fs.fed.us)



By personal circumstances and as Co-Chairman of the History Committee, I have acquired much historical material, including photos, relating to North American forest entomology during its first century. I have posted a selection of these photos and accompanying narratives. They are grouped under 10 categories and begin with the most recent posting.

As of this time, the Photos/History link has received 3700 visitors. The most popular categories were Insects & Damage (2225) followed by Personnel (2207). Least visited were Norway (323) and WFIWC, General (426). Both merit your visit. I have enjoyed digging into the stories behind these photos and sharing my own experiences with you.

Use of these photos for professional purposes is encouraged; however, they are either from the WFIWC archives, temporarily in my custody, or my personal photos yet to be deposited. Please contact me for permission to use them. For commercial use, a reasonable fee is charged.          

Malcolm Furniss
History Committee Co-Chairman
May 2013